Inordinate fondness for beetles

by Charlie Marshall and the Existentialists



A collection of gentle acoustic songs recorded live in the studio with Cam Butler and Mark Dawson. The title reflects my passion for biology and evolution and comes from a great quote from the history of science. When asked by theologians what his study of the natural world had revealed about the nature of the Creator, the nineteenth century biologist J. B. S Haldane replied that God, if he exists, must have had an ’inordinate fondness for beetles’. Beetles are the most numerous kind of animal on the planet. About 400,000 species have been described with many more yet to be identified.
The track 'Standing on the shoulders of giants' is about the wonder of scientific discovery and is inspired by a famous quote from Isacc Newton - 'If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants'.


released June 1, 2010

Cam Butler - electric gutar
Charlie Marshall - vocals, acoustic guitar, bass
Mark Dawson - drums



all rights reserved


Charlie Marshall Melbourne, Australia

Charlie Marshall is a critically acclaimed songwriter from Melbourne. Previous bands - the legendary blues/punk outfit Harem Scarem and long-standing solo lineup The Body Electric - have featured musicians from The Dirty Three, Avalanches, Beasts of Bourbon, Hunters and Collectors, Surrealists, Chris Wilson and The Moodists. Some of Charlie's recent songs are inspired by his passion for science. ... more

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Track Name: Standing on the shoulders of giants
Standing on the shoulders of giants

Crawling 'cross a glittering plain, searching for a key to explain
Senses leading you on, deep into forever beyond

Gaze out on an ocean so wide, open up a box that beguiles
Climb up on the shoulders of giants, open up your eyes

Ch: And you might find you can use your mind
Read the signs, standing on the shoulders of giants

Look out at the world that surrounds, marvel at the vision and sound
Keep on journeying on, deep into forever beyond

Climbing up a mountain so high, reaching from the land to the sky
Stand up on the shoulders of giants, you can see for miles

Ch: And you might find the secrets of the mind
Art and science, stand up on the shoulders of giants